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~Beautiful morning with you~
//...I wish I would change someday..//
Been neglecting LJ for a bit :(..but srsly so much has been going on lol. Omg school sucks so bad T_T Biology is kinda scaring me and also intermediate math is a little :(. and like 2 of my classes have cancelled their class because of the RIDICULOUS amount of snow that we have here. Its like -17 and I feel like alaska! but some other lovely things that has been going on
*My cousin has been staying at my house cause he broke his leg so he is lots of fun. WAY more fun then my brother!AND he only speaks spanish so I'm getting to practice espanol!~~
*OHAYOCON is coming in 15 DAYS...I'm so NERVOUS and I don't know why!
*I'm a YEAR away from having an associates! (though I'm still really confused on what I want to major, cause I want to do something exciting other than teaching...maybe working for the government or FBI or something? I just don't want to get shot :o)
* I finish Yoko's gun (one of the cosplays I'm doing ..this thing took me most of break especially cause I did all the detailing with clay and such
Some frustrating things that have been bothering me is my sister is suddenly starting to pop up in our house because she wants to "Make amends with my parents" and such bullshit because she's getting married or whatever but basically I give her the silent treatment and scary creep glares.o_O I REFUSE to talk to her and I'm ultra pissed at my mom cause instead of giving her shit about basically stealing her insurance and our families savings to pay for her fucking nursing school or whatever she talks to her as if nothing happen. Maybe I'm just bitter iunno I just want to get out of my house FAST >.<;! I seriously just want to punch her in the face and urgh this other side of me just gets so pissed. Hence this is also the reason why I am excited about the associates cause maybe I could just do something quick like a pharmacist assistants and figure out my real major later -sigh-.Also since my cousin and my brothers skank are in the house it feels like theres like 7 people in the house and I truly feel like a mexican lol. I've also been feeling kinda socially awkward ? It's not more awkward but more like annoyed REALLY easily especially when I drive cause I absolutely hate it when people don't signal and cut me off and urgh iunno.I just get so angry because after all this time my brother and sister have NOT CHANGED..at all. They continue to be arrogant, rude, selfish people and that just makes me soo upset. I'm so embarrassed by their attitudes and the way that my parents are just okay with that. So I'm kinda glad right now that I didn't buy the ticket cause I barley had enough to cover for school and such. JJC is SO CRAMMED this year I kinda want a bubble..so now I must be off and study!!
oh I'm also on a no-carb diet I lost 7 pounds so add that to the win side! :D

New Years Resolutions
*save up for a car
*get a lab top *because god knows I can get any school work done at my house due to my siblings neglect*
*apply for hella lot scholarships
*hopefully get my associates soon
*get into a university and study abroad
Basically the jist of it all lol

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This PV ALWAYS makes me cry..but its a good cry -tear- and also at 3:17 it looks like mako is doing crack lol.
so I CAN'T WAIT TILL FINALS ARE OVER!:D** **** **A**Y c*****ed a**** Z***...ahhhhh i hate words!! ..<

I also want to get a hair cut cause I no longer have a face..just a head of hair :(. ..

best dub EVER! buwhahaha

OMG misty I saw a LOOMIS truck and I thought of you :( ♥
SOOO I MISS ANTHONY AND MISTY ALOT! :( but I'm even more sadder that Amy is leaving too :( -sigh- ahhhh this new years is gonna suck! Also Turns out the house hasn't been sold and very very VERY long story short I'm not gonna be moving till it is sold so yeah a coulple of months? idunno my family be fucked up! I really do wish i could have a career and just hall ass because I'm done with the craziness. I mean I love my family..but still wtf.. don't tell me we are moving and then in the last couple of weeks completely change my life. ahh I must go back to homework but I will update later
just know I miss and love you anthony and misty! I hope you guys are doing good! :).

Observation 1- My posts never make sense lol

Observation 2- ahh FUCK homework!!

Observation 3- I LOVE ENCYCLOPEDIADRAMATICA.com! ahaha to http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Wapanese

Observation 4- I made cookies for thanksgiving ..but I put too much flour..way to much...i went overboard..so they turned to delicous powdery biscuits :)

Observation 5- ITS SNOWING!

Observation 6- I ran into my japanese teacher today and I was so excited I accidently started to talk to her in spanish :(

lulz <3
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The movie is called Repo! the GENETIC opera and like there serious about keeping it like Independent..hence why they dont have it in local theatres..and its only in like hollywood :(> Im SO ENSPIRED :d
work was fun bc amy and joy visited me! tHANKS GUYS!:D BWUWHAHHA BEWARE SOCCER MOMSS!! :D<3

AMi your leaving soon :( </33333 and what would you guys like for x-mas? cash probably lol

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つづきを読む...Collapse )

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and its friday night coming back from work ..trying to work on homework.
ITS ALSO SNOWING o.o; ohh nooz come back summer :(. well somethings that have been going on my dad might be trading godzilla to help me get a new car so i guess thats good since all i could afford is a used car. Alberto broke up with me but we still talk to each other and care..hes just waiting on me. I feel like a jerk because he tells me he wont love anyone else and that he will wait till im ready for a relationship.-sigh-. i seriously dont deserve it. I just want to get over all the bullshit in life and go to heaven. no problems at all. and you know what i could even see my grandparents. Tommorro i have to do alot of homework especially for English and Algebra...Im still keeping my grade but man..i dont think i can be an algebra teacher anytime soon T_T. why does life have to be confusing!!!
I seriously am scared like crap because urgh i dont think im good enough for school. Ive been working too much and i barley get a chance to focus and im so exhausted i went to sleep in my uniform yesterday...

anywho things to do:
buy car

buy sewing machine

buy laptop w/ external hard drive

hair cut

winter clothes (have nones :()

start christmas shopping


find out my proffession

think about things i want to do before 20...

hang out with amy before she leaves :(

get my japanese book b4 i leave

mail in letters

think about cosplay for ohayocon *T_T;

play some video games :D

work out..like alot T_T

study more

chop off my hair lol

hang out with my mom

visit josh

ps. Anthony and Misty you should update more cause i never see you guys on skype and misty you should get a face book :D ♥

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